REcharge. Focus. relax.

Experiential private space

Our Silmu solution offers you an experiential private space to recharge, focus and relax. It combines a beautiful design with immersive technologies to guarantee a mindfulness experience even in a hectic public premise.

Design inspired by nature

The design of Silmu gets its inspiration from the beautiful nature of Finland. Silmu is a word in Finnish and means a bud. Like a bud, Silmu helps you to recreate yourself. Silmu is approachable, inviting and its look & feel is in line with its superb acoustic characteristics, both inside and outside.

Silmu is designed by Pekka Kumpula, Red Dot Design Award 2017 winner.

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Silmux Oy
Joensuunkatu 7, 24100, Salo, FINLAND

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+358 40 542 6184


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